Erico's LEAN journey continues with Boards on Fire

"With Boards on Fire, everyone knows what to do and who's in charge of getting it done."

Erico delivers over three million used EUR pallets to customers every year. Through Lean-based methods, they have trimmed both the purchasing and ordering process. But with staff spread across different locations, the need for a digital tool to capture and manage deviations grew rapidly. The solution was Boards on Fire.

With offices and warehouses in five different locations - Ljungby, Helsingborg, Smålandsstenar, Gothenburg and Västerås - it is of course important to be able to easily and quickly share updated information to everyone who needs it. Erico's deliveries are often a crucial part of customers' logistic flows. Should customers be left without a pallet, there is a great risk of production stops with high costs as a result.

– The information we now have easily accessible in Boards on Fire was previously spread on handwritten notes, whiteboards in various offices, in text messages or e-mails. It goes without saying that it was difficult to get a good overview then, says Britta Wilhelmsson, sales manager at Erico.

What does your solution in Boards on Fire look like?

– We run daily management digitally in Boards on Fire, all offices together. Then we go through deviations, improvements, security, sales and invoicing, among other things. We also run pulses for sales and purchases where we check the status at the item level and a number of KPIs such as the number of orders, quotes and more, says Britta Wilhelmsson.

What are the biggest benefits as you see it?

– The biggest advantages are that we now have a powerful tool that gives us a better overview and we can easily share that information with all employees. Boards on Fire helps us to capture deviations, create tasks and distribute activities. Everyone sees what should be done and who should do it, says Britta Wilhelmsson.

How was the step from analog to digital?

– We have not had any problems at all with introducing and working in Boards on Fire. It is an easy-to-use system and we received good help in adapting the solution to our needs. We will also integrate with our ERP to get order intake and other figures straight into Boards on Fire, says Britta Wilhelmsson.

Filip Lendahls


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