Boards on Fire switches to .NET and Microsoft Azure

Boards on Fire is growing rapidly with new features and thousands of new users. Of course, parallell to this, the need to trim our platform under the hood is growing as well.

We had a chat with Boards on Fire's CTO Ola Karlsson about the roadmap ahead – scalability, .NET and Microsoft Azure.

The plan for 2022 is set out and on the development side, we're very excited about new recruitments and an extensive change in technology.

– There are several major initiatives we will complete during the year to be able to scale up properly at the same time as we meet customers' requirements for, for example, flexible user management, integration opportunities and data storage, says Ola Karlsson.

What does it mean more concretely, can you give examples?

– Yes, we will, among other things, change the framework and build Boards on Fire in .NET instead of Ruby on Rails. There are several reasons for this. Rails was a good choice when we launched our solution a couple of years ago, it is well suited to quickly get your idea out and test the market. But now we are in a new phase with a focus on scalability, where .NET gives us significantly better opportunities. It is the most popular backend language in Sweden and several other countries, which both means technical advantages and makes it easier to recruit the right skills.

Do you have new recruitments underway already?

– Yes, first we will strengthen the development side with two back-end developers and one front-end developer and in the relatively near future we need to expand the team even more.

What else is happening besides the switch to .NET?

– Migration to a new cloud platform is the most important project. We will move from Amazon's solutions to Microsoft Azure. It takes us a big step closer to our customers in many ways and makes it easier to meet their needs. Among other things, it simplifies integrations, not only with Microsoft products but also with solutions from Google and other suppliers.

Filip Lendahls


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