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The SQCDP board, and its various versions, is a visual aid used to track and improve KPIs in areas such as Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and People!

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  • Clear visualization
  • Identify problems
  • Log actions

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SQCDP in lean manufacturing

SQCDP is a concept in lean manufacturing, which stands for Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and People. It's often used as a visual management tool to help teams identify and address issues within these areas. By monitoring these areas with the help of Boards on Fire's digital dashboard, you create the conditions for continuous improvement of your operations.

A well-designed SQCDP board should be easy to understand and provide a quick overview of the team's performance and potential problem areas. By consistently updating and referring to the board, teams can focus on continuous improvement.

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The KPIs can vary

The specific content of an SQCDP board can vary depending on the company's unique needs, but here are some common components you might see:

  1. Safety: Reporting safety incidents, near misses, number of days without incidents, or safety goals.
  2. Quality: Number of defects, customer complaints, products not meeting quality requirements, or quality goals.
  3. Cost: Production costs, operating costs, material costs, overtime costs, cost-saving initiatives, or cost goals.
  4. Delivery: Delivery times, inventory management, delivery reliability, backorders, delivery goals.
  5. People: Staffing levels, employee turnover, training levels, employee engagement, employee satisfaction, or staffing goals.

    Additional components might include:

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    There are many versions of SQCDP, and these often reflect the specific needs of different companies, industries, or departments within a company. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to this methodology. Below are some of the most common variants.


    Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Morale, and Environment. In this version, "Morale" and "Environment" are added. "Morale" refers to the overall mood and job satisfaction of the employees, and "Environment" points to the company's environmental impact and efforts to minimize it.

    SQDCME tavla i Boards on Fire

    QDIP (or QDCIP)

    Quality, Delivery, Innovation, and Productivity. Here, "safety" and "people" are removed, and "innovation" and "productivity" are added.

    QDIP-tavla i Boards on Fire.


    Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Cost. In this version, "people" or "staff" is not included.

    Different versions of this concept can be used depending on an organization's specific needs and priorities. The key is to choose the metrics that are most relevant and useful for your specific organization or situation.

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