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Our free web demo is a quick first step into Boards on Fire. We go through all the basics and explain how Boards on Fire can be adapted to the needs of your particular business. We also give examples of how other companies work with our solutions. A demo takes about 30 minutes.

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Feel free to give us a call on +46 470-52 41 50 or email one our Firestarters:

Liam Andersson, account manager at Boards on Fire.

Liam Andersson

Account Manager

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Photo of Ingela Johansson, Boards on Fire.

Ingela Johansson

Account Manager

+46 72-334 83 00

Portrait photo of Anton Jarl Rudenborg, sales manager at Boards on Fire.

Anton Jarl Rudenborg

Sales Operations Manager

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Christofer de la Motte

Account Manager

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David Wärn

Account Manager

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