Manage your company's visitors in Boards on Fire

The newly developed visitor module in Boards on Fire gives you a perfect overview of all visits to the your company.

In the new visitor module, you and your colleagues can manage information about all visits to the company. Who will come, when the visitor will come, who will host the visit and other details such as meeting room and more.

You can easily add new visitors and enter details about the visit either in the administration interface, directly from a dashboard or via your personal panel. Visitors can check in at a computer or touch screen when they arrive and check out again when they leave. The visitor module can be connected directly to a printer for printing a visitor badge at check-in. The host of the visit automatically receives an email notification when the visitor checks in.

You can easily visualize today's or the whole week's visitors on your daily management boards or other dashboards in Boards on Fire. Each user also gets full control of their own visitors in their personal panel.

Filip Lendahls


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