Now we're releasing resource planning in Boards on Fire

Following suggestions and feedback from several of our customers, we are now launching a completely new solution for resource and production planning in Boards on Fire.

The component can be used in a number of different ways to plan, allocate resources and visualize the status of different parts of your operation. You can scroll forward and backward in the calendar day by day or week by week.

A flexible solution for, for example, planning which employees will staff a certain workstation, machine or department day by day.

Plan, distribute, visualize

You can easily visualize the status – attendance / absence – for all employees and use that information as a starting point for planning both in the long term and in the day-to-day management.

It is also possible to link more fields to each resource and enter information continuously. For example, log planned production and outcomes for each production line. Indicate the responsible employee and add any comments for handover to the next work shift.

Filip Lendahls


Free web demo

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