Abetong signs a new agreement with Boards on Fire

Abetong has invested purposefully in Lean for a long time to increase both efficiency and commitment in production. After a successful pilot with digital daily management in Boards on Fire, they are now signing an agreement for all their six factories.

Through the national program Produktionslyftet, all Abetong's factories have in various stages introduced Lean methodology with a focus on, among other things, leadership, daily management, pulse meetings and improvement work. After using traditional whiteboards for a long time, investing in a digital solution was a natural step to the next level.

Increased commitment

Abetong's H factory in Småland's Vislanda was the first to test digital daily management in Boards on Fire. At both departmental and factory level, they review today's production and staffing, follow up on health and safety, important targets and key figures and handle deviations.

– One of the biggest advantages of Boards on Fire is that we have increased the motivation and commitment of all employees, which is directly reflected in the results. Gradually, we also put all our improvement work into Boards on Fire and created even better progress there, says Paul Karlsson, factory manager at the H factory.

Integration with production systems

Based on the pilot, Abetong has now signed a framework agreement with Boards on Fire that gives all of the company's six factories the same conditions to get started with digital daily management. A rollout that will begin in 2023.

– We have received very useful input from Abetong during the pilot, which has helped us further develop various parts of our solution. With this agreement in place, we look forward to a continued good collaboration where, among other things, we have integrations with their production system underway shortly, says Filip Lendahls, CMO at Boards on Fire.

Abetong is part of the Heidelberg Materials group and one of Sweden's leading suppliers of prefabricated concrete elements and entire concrete frames for construction projects in industry, agriculture, construction and apartment buildings.


Filip Lendahls


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