10 tips – get started with daily management

Lean Production 2023-04-12

An effective daily management yields results in all operations that successfully implement the methodology in a good way. Here are 10 tips to consider when starting with daily management.

  1. Set clear goals: Be clear about what you want to achieve with your daily management and create goals that are specific, measurable, and achievable.

  2. Create a daily routine: Create a daily routine that includes the activities that are important for achieving your goals.

  3. Prioritize activities: Prioritize your activities based on the importance of each task and how it helps achieve your goals.

  4. Eliminate distractions: Eliminate distractions that may prevent you from focusing on important tasks.

  5. Be realistic: Be realistic about what you can accomplish during a day and avoid trying to do too much at once.

  6. Be flexible: Be flexible and be prepared to adapt your daily routine if needed.

  7. Be disciplined: Be disciplined and follow your daily routine as much as possible.

  8. Be patient: Be patient and give yourself time to get used to your daily routine.

  9. Be positive: Be positive and give yourself praise for each progress you make.

  10. Be consistent: Be consistent and continue to follow your daily routine even when it feels difficult.

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