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Boards on Fire's dashboards for visual management help you visualize important information and KPIs throughout the entire organization. Quickly identify trends, problems, and opportunities. Stay updated in real-time. Book a free demo and let us show you how!

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  • Focus on the right KPIs
  • Integrate with ERP
  • Visualize current status

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Many advantages with digital dashboards

The right information to the right people at the right time is a crucial success factor in most operations. Despite this, many organizations struggle to visualize and disseminate relevant key performance indicators to all employees who can benefit from them in their daily work.

Our digital dashboards for visual management offer many advantages for modern businesses. They provide a centralized location to display and analyze important data in real-time, enabling teams to quickly identify trends, problems, and opportunities and act on that information.

Warehouse management allocates today's resources and has an overview in Boards on Fire.

Integration with ERPs

One of the biggest advantages is that you can compile data from various sources. This means that you can have, for example, sales data, marketing data, production data, and more, all in one place. This makes it easier to see the big picture and understand how different parts of the operation affect each other.

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Retrieve data from other sources automatically by integrating Boards on Fire with, for example, production systems or your ERP. With real-time updated information, Boards on Fire helps you make the right decisions to manage deviations throughout the day.

Flexible graphs and charts

Boards on Fire can also be customized to suit specific needs. You can choose which data to display, how it should be visualized, and who should have access to it. This makes it possible to create specific dashboards for different teams, projects, or individuals.

Our solutions offer a multitude of different options to present your data in ways that make it easy to get a quick and clear overview. Graphs, tables, charts, numerical visualizations, and speedometers that you can customize according to how you want to present the key performance indicators.

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Management can have a dashboard that displays KPIs from the entire company. Units, departments, and groups can have separate boards that show their part of the operation in more detail. The information can be escalated and aggregated up in the hierarchy or mirrored and shared between different departments..

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Increase participation and transparency

By making data visible and easily accessible, digital dashboards can help promote a culture of transparency and accountability. Team members can see how their work contributes to the company's overall goals, and leaders can see how different parts of the company are performing in real-time. This can lead to better decision-making, improved productivity, and higher employee satisfaction.

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