Pulse meetings & Daily management

The pulse meeting is a popular way of working in many industries. A short reconciliation that helps each team reach their goals. The pulse board in Boards on Fire gives all employees an updated, common picture of the situation. How are we doing? What to do? Who will do it?

  • Flexible digital dashboards
  • Capture deviations & make decisions
  • Distribute today's tasks
  • Visualize relevant KPIs in real time
  • Increase participation and commitment
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Continuous improvement

A little better today than we were yesterday and a little better tomorrow than we are today. There you have it, the core of systematic improvement work. With Boards on Fire, all employees become involved in creating continuous improvements.

  • Customizable improvement boards
  • Generate more improvement ideas
  • Increase motivation and committment
  • PDCA and other tools
  • Visualize the improvement pace
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Visualize KPIs

How are we doing in relation to the plan? Do we keep the production pace? And above all - does everyone know their current status? Boards on Fire helps you visualize key figures to everyone who needs the information.

  • Focus on the right KPIs
  • In the mobile, at the computer or on the big screen
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Visualize pace and progress
  • Distribute key figures to the right people
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Projects & Activities

The project module in Boards on Fire is an excellent tool for logging progress in projects, continuous improvement, deviation management or other types of activities.

  • Full control of all projects
  • Flexible project boards
  • Delegate sub-tasks
  • Filter your view
  • Overview in gantt chart
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Other functions

  • Digital daily management

    Market-leading solution with broad functionality that covers the entire need for daily management.

  • Pulse board

    The core of your daily manag.ement Flexible pulse boards that are easy to adapt to the needs of your particular business. There are a variety of components and features to build your pulse board with. The information can be aggregated and escalated between different levels in the business.

  • Visitor module

    Provides a perfect overview of all visits to the company. Who comes, when the visitor comes, who is the host, meeting room etc. The visitor can check in and out himself. You can see directly in the mobile which visitors are on site in the event of an evacuation.

  • Continuous improvement

    Create commitment and develop your business to new levels with continuous improvement. Boards on Fire's improvement module gives you better progress in the improvement work.

  • Safety cross

    Log risk observations, incidents and accidents day by day in a clear visualization. Enter explanatory comments and get an overview in the annual overview. Also available with week by week setting.

  • Resource allocation

    Plan the day or the whole week, allocate resources and visualize the status of different parts of the business.

  • The project module

    An excellent tool for creating and managing projects, improvement work, deviation management or other types of activities. Build your project boards with exactly the columns you need, create sub-tasks, delegate responsibilities, set statuses, etc.

  • Production planner

    Plan production day by day or week by week. Decide how resources should be distributed between different workstations and tasks. Set goals and log outcomes.

  • Personal panel

    A panel where you find all things you are responsible for. Like tasks, projects, visits, improvements, etc.

  • Status calendar

    Log status and deviations for, for example, quality, production, health / safety, overheads etc. Visualize with clear colors, green, yellow and red day by day or weekly.

  • Paced production

    Create a high, even production rate with paced production. In Boards on Fire you visualize the pace time. Start, count down and finish each pace. Enter work schedules with shifts and breaks. Can be connected to stop time registration.


    Visualize how different teams perform in KPI:s in the areas of Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and People using status calendars and activity lists to drive improvements.

  • KPIs

    Set goals and log outcomes and deviations for the business's most important KPIs. Visualize in different graphs, diagrams and speedometers.

  • Goals & follow up

    Set your goals in different parts of the business and follow up the outcome day by day, week by week and month by month. Visualize in a variety of ways directly on the pulse board or other dashboard.

  • Timer

    Exactly what it sounds like. With the timer, you keep track of the time during the pulse meeting. Set the desired number of minutes and click start and the timer will count down.

  • Clock

    It shows the time right now. No more, no less :)

  • Checklists

    Perfect feature for recurring checklists, questionnaires, safety rounds etc.

  • 5S

    Structure and document the company's 5S work with specially adapted components in our dashboards.

  • Staffing planning

    Plan and visualize who will do what during the working day.

  • Recurring revisions

    Add recurring revisions with predefined tasks, questions and score fields.

  • Maintenance overview

    Report maintenance needs and plan and visualize which maintenance efforts are to be performed, for example per machine or department.

  • Slide show

    Create slide shows that can run on big screens to share information around your business.

  • PDCA

    Full support for working with the PDCA cycle in continuous improvement.

  • Escalate and aggregate data

    Escalate deviations and aggregate KPIs all the way from team level to management team.

  • Communicate between departments

    Share information and delegate tasks between different teams and departments directly via the boards in Boards on Fire.

  • Image carousel

    Take a picture with your smartphone and publish directly in Boards on Fire.

  • Text component

    A flexible component that allows you to enter free text, create bullet lists, add images and links and more.

  • Customize user settings

    Choose from five different user levels depending on how a specific user should work in Boards on Fire.

  • Stop time registration

    Component for registering stops in production. Measure the stop time and state the cause.

  • Iframe component

    This component allows you to embed content from any web page directly in your dashboard.

  • To-do list

    Allows you to create to-do lists where you can easily post new tasks, delegate them to the right employee and set a deadline.

  • RSS feed

    Add any rss feed to your dashboard. For example the latest posts from your own website.

  • Graphs, tables and charts

    Visualize development over time, goal fulfillment, key figures, etc. in clear graphs, tables and diagrams.

  • Gauge / speedometer

    Visualize the current situation, goal fulfillment or something else important for the business with the help of gauges where you can adjust the scale and colors yourself.

  • Traffic light

    Green, yellow or red? Show your current status.

  • Integrations

    Integrate Boards on Fire with your ERP, production system or other sources to automatically retrieve data and update your boards.

  • Responsive cloud service

    Boards on Fire is a responsive cloud service that works just as well when meeting around the big screen as on the computer or smartphone and Ipad.

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