With Boards on Fire, Nordic Nest makes faster decisions every day

Nordic Nest is one of the Nordic region's largest and most profitable e-retailers. The warehouse in Kalmar has about 250 employees and during the high season the number of employees grows to up to 400. Hampus Bergdahl is a warehouse and logistics developer, he works to continuously improve shipping, warehousing processes and systems. With Boards on Fire, they trim the business minute by minute.

What role does Boards on Fire play in your business?

– In the daily operation, Boards on Fire is a super important tool for us to get control of what happens here and now. We need to make many decisions at the minute or hour level where we have to see our current pace. Thanks to Boards on Fire, we know if we need to redirect a little, maybe move resources between departments because we are falling behind in one team for example. There, Boards on Fire has helped us extremely much, we load data minute by minute and can make decisions based on that, says Hampus.

Production pace board in Boards on Fire at Nordic Nest's warehouse in Kalmar.

Can you tell us a little more about how you use Boards on Fire?

– We deliver somewhere between 20,000-35,000 packages a week. Our daily management used to be different excel sheets, analysis tools and whiteboards. It was very difficult to get the right information to the right place to the right department at the right time. That was when we stumbled upon Boards on Fire which was a great tool for us to organize avn visualize the data.

– Today we use Boards on Fire at our morning meetings in our warehouse management team. It is then used in all the teams. We have six different departments where we plan the day and present to the team what we are going to do today.

Warehouse management allocates today's resources and has an overview in Boards on Fire.

– At our morning meetings with the warehouse management, we look at how many available orders we have in our various picking queues. We can also see how much we have to do on the inflow. How many pallets do we have on delivery right now? But also how we're doing on our delivery promises. Which pick-up queues should we prioritize a little extra? We can also see what capacity we need for the day, how should we staff the day for it to be completely optimal.

What effects have you reached with Boards on Fire?

– In the warehouse, we have always had the challenge to get data out to our staff. Our staff members are very eager to see data and understand why we do as we do. With Boards on Fire, we were suddenly able to show data to everyone and we immediately saw how the commitment increased among the staff and how people became interested in continuous improvements. Today we show what today's goals are, if we're reaching them or not, but also how our efficiency figures look like. Since we started getting statistics out to warehouse and were able to show how we are doing, we have made people want to pep and push each other during the day. This also raises thoughts about how we can create improvements, work smarter and get more packages out per day.

Team boards in Boards on Fire at Nordic Nest's warehouse in Kalmar.

How has it been received by the employees?

– It has been super appreciated by the staff, really positive reactions. The interest in data has always been there, so it's really great to be able to offer this openness and show the data. It creates a commitment on the part of the staff to find these improvement measures and also motivate each other.

How has the collaboration with Boards on Fire worked?

– The collaboration with Boards on Fire has been incredibly smooth and good. We have received quick help and we have received help when it comes to adaptations and they have also built some special components for us to fit our business well. It shows the flexibility of Boards on Fire's platform and the employees there who help us extremely well.

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