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From whiteboards to digital daily management at light speed

Digital solutions that streamline their processes and sharpen their customer offer are an important part of the development within the Heidelberg Materials Group in general. Therefore, they chose to invest in daily management, pulse meetings and continuous improvements in Boards on Fire.

A little bit better each day. Heidelberg Materials is one of Sweden's leading suppliers of prefabricated concrete elements and concrete frames for construction projects in industry, agriculture, construction and apartment buildings. They have a total of six factories and began their journey with Boards on Fire at two of them.

En kille som jobbar i BoF

KPIs and target follow-up

The first factory, Vislanda S, started already in the autumn of 2020 by following up incidents and accidents using the Safety Cross, as well as important KPIs at both team- and factory level in Boards on Fire. Since then, they have gradually expanded the system with, among other things, monthly audits of the factory's 5S work in what they call Clean site / Safe site areas.

– The follow-up of our KPIs and Clean site / Safe site has worked flawlessly in Boards on Fire. We constantly get new ideas about what we want to add to our digital boards. I see great opportunities ahead, says Amel Smailagic, production technician.

Pulse meetings and daily management

For the next factory, Vislanda H, which successfully implemented the national program Produktionslyftet with a focus on Lean, it became a natural step to immediately get started with Boards on Fire on a larger scale. In just a couple of weeks, they went from using handwritten whiteboards to a digital solution for their pulse meetings and resource planning. Out of sheer speed, they added all their improvement work as well.

Morning meeting at the team dashboard at Abetong.

- We had been using whiteboards for a very long time. I felt like it was starting to repeat itself. We needed something that sparked motivation and made us more efficient, says factory manager Paul Karlsson.

So they threw out hand written notes, pinning up print outs and tons of manual number punching in Excel. And entered a digital set up with full traceability and updated info to all employees when they need it, where they need it.

- A big advantage is that everyone has access to the same updated information directly, even though we are spread out in different places. We started with daily management in Boards on Fire and all teams update their respective pulse boards. Everyone is very excited, says Emmie Karlsson, change leader.

Expands the solution gradually

Heidelberg Materials's solution in Boards on Fire contains digital pulse boards where they visualise their daily management. They monitor health and safety, handle deviations, follow important key figures and goals. They also have staffing boards where they overview and distribute the resources between the factory's various departments.

In addition to the pulse boards, they also handle the improvement work with proposals, ongoing and implemented improvements in Boards on Fire as well as monthly audits of 5S areas in the factory with smart checklists directly in their smart phones.

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